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Certified Seed from Farms - Peltosiemen

Peltosiemen is a seed company in Finland consisting of seed production farms. Our business idea is to produce, clean, pack and sell excellent quality certified seed directly from production farms to other farmers.

Short history
Peltosiemen-registered association was founded 1997 by few seed producing farmers. Main purpose was to grant varieties for commercial use in a new situation as new varieties were protected by plant breeder’s rights. The association got many new farmers (members) and grew fast. Peltosiemen Ltd, which is owned by Peltosiemen association, started in 2002.

Main tasks /
Peltosiemen Ltd

  • General management
  • Variety representing agreements
  • Export/import
  • Purchase of inputs (basic seed, threatments,packing material…)
  • Wholesales coordination
  • National marketing
  • Pricing

Main tasks /

  • Seed production, cleaning,packing
  • Wholesales
  • Retail
  • Local marketing

Peltosiemen in

  • 48 member farmers in Peltosiemen association
  • Market share in Finland over 20 % with 6500 – 7000 seed production hectares
  • 170 contract producers
  • Main species: spring barley,spring oats, spring wheat, winter wheat, winter rye, timothy, meadow fescue, tall fescue, red clover, pea, field bean, (oilseeds,
    only sales)

Market share development (production hectares)

Peltosiemen Ltd
Kuivakorventie 1
FIN-30300 Forssa, Finland

Timo Uusi-Rauva, managing director 

mobile +358 40 7602 777
fax +358 3 4384 500